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# Diode - Capacitor Filter
A simple filter for isolating sections of a noisy power supply. Intended for use on drones (and other RC viehicles), to isolate the VTX from the noisy power line.
## Operation:
* Voltage: 0-20V (1-5s LIPO).
* Current: 1A cont.
Should be able to provide 5W of power during a 1ms discontinuity, to a device that accepts 7-16V, from a 16V power supply. Or 1W for 5ms.
## BOM:
* 1x SK34 3A 40V Shottky diode in a DO-214A package
* 5x 10uF 25V SMD 0805 capacitor
* optional: 1x 100-330uF 25V THT low-esr electrolytic capacitor