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Automatic watering system based on ESP8266 and MQTT, for easy Home Assistant integration.

MQTT interface

The device is able to receive commands and upload telemetry through MQTT.

Telemetry topics


The read value of the sensor at the address <address> will be published here. The value will be between 0 and 100, which represents the measured moisture percentage. 0% will correspond to the minimum value that was ever read from that sensor and 100% to the maximum. These "min" and "max" values are being kept track of by the ESP itself. It is possible to reset these calibration values by publishing to the cal_reset topic (see below)


The availability of the sensor at the address <address> will be published here. online and offline are the payloads for available and unavailable, respectively.


The return code of commands issued to the ESP are published to this topic. The return code can be any of the following

  • "0" : Command successful
  • "1" : Invalid JSON
  • "2" : Invalid pump ID
  • "3" : You are trying to run too many pumps at the same time. Maximum is 4
  • "4" : You are trying to turn on a pump that is already on
  • "5" : Burst command iteration number too high
  • "6" : Invalid sensor address


A verbose log of events is published here. Good for debugging

Command topics


Used to control the outputs of some onboard GPIOs, to which the pumps are connected. The paylod must be a JSON of the following format:

    "id" : <id - 0 thru 7> ,
    "enable" : <enable - 1 to enable, 0 to disable> ,
    "timeout" : <timeout - in seconds. Maximum 30 seconds>


Used to trigger a burst of sensor readings, every 200 ms. The payload must be an integer between 0 and 9999. This will represent the amount of times the sensors will be sampled


Used to reset the internal calibration of the moisture sensors. The payload must be a character representing the address of the pump of which it is desired to reset the calibration. This will have the effect of setting the internally tracked "max" to 0 and the "min" to 0x0FFF